Employment Announcement
Director of Christian Education

The Session of Emmanuel Presbyterian Church is searching for a person to fill the role of their Director of Christian Education.  In this role we seek someone who does not so much see her/his role as being the director of a program but the facilitator of the relationships which provide a context for the spiritual formation of our children and youth (birth to 17).  The person we are looking for to fill this role is a disciple of Jesus who feels called to a ministry of the spiritual formation of children and the encouragement of their parents as they take primary responsibility for showing their children what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

A Thumbnail Description of the Congregation

On most Sundays about 120 people gather in our sanctuary for worship at 10:00am.  In addition to worship there are three classes for children. Elementary children (1st -5th grade) worship with us for the first part of the service and then are dismissed to their class just before the sermon.  Preschool and nursery children go directly to their classes when their families arrive.  The adults in worship represent a broad spectrum of ages ranging from early 30’s to folks in their 80’s.  The majority of the congregation falls somewhere in the 50-75 age bracket.  Currently there are 16 families in the church who have children between the ages of birth-17.  There are a total of 30 children who come from these families.   

The congregation was chartered in January of 1964, built its sanctuary in 1967, and in 2008 tore down two old buildings and built a new building around the existing sanctuary. The people of Emmanuel see their building and grounds not simply as the site of our ministries, but also as a gift that we can offer to our community.  Our space is well used during the week by variety groups from the community (among these are: AA, OA, Al Anon, Girl Scouts, Junior Cheerleaders, various groups from Maywood Hills Elementary and Heritage Academy ). The main occupant of our building Monday through Friday is the Bothell Community Preschool.  The Preschool is a ministry of Emmanuel; its Board is made up of Emmanuel members and the Director of the Preschool reports to the Pastor.   

Although we have periodic or seasonal midweek programs (fellowship events, classes, small group Bible studies), there is little in the way of regular church programming that takes place in the church building beyond Sunday mornings.  Our Sunday gatherings are dedicated to the work of reorienting our lives around the One who is our center.  Hebrews 10:19-25 provides the foundation for our life together as a community: We meet to re-root ourselves in the confession of our hope, to encourage one another and to stir up one another to love and good works.  Our true ministry happens on the other six days of the week.  On the Sabbath we stop to remind ourselves of who we are and how we are in the grip of the one in whom all things cohere (Colossians 1:17).  

Philosophy of Ministry

The ministry of Emmanuel is not primarily about attracting people to itself, but to encourage the people who are a part of the congregation as they seek to live out their faith.  We are not asking the Director of Christian Education to build a ministry that attracts people to us, as much as we are asking this person to help us to build the kind of relationships with one another that will help our children to experience and grow into the life of discipleship in Jesus Christ. 

Emmanuel Presbyterian Church
Director of Christian Education Position Description


The primary job of the Director of Christian Education is to mobilize the people of Emmanuel for the work of fulfilling their baptismal promise to the children and youth of the church (birth to 17) to “guide and nurture them by word and deed, with love and prayer, encouraging them to know and follow Jesus Christ.”


Leadership Development:

  • Develop relationships with members of the congregation with a view to identifying those who are called to and gifted for ministry to children and youth.
  • Equip members of the congregation to act on this calling as they serve in various ministries to the children and youth of the church.
  • Come alongside parents with a view to helping them to live out their faith in the presence of their children and so invite them to take up the discipleship journey.
  • Foster environments conducive to the formation of intergenerational relationships within the congregation.

Program Coordination:

  • Provide leadership for the teams of people who carry out the various programs for children and youth (i.e. weekly Sunday morning children’s programing, annual vacation Bible school, youth events, family game nights, mission trips, etc.).    
  • Meet regularly with the Pastor, Church Ministry Coordinator and the members of the Life Together Commission of the Session.
  • Supervise the Christian Education Intern.
  • Relate to the Director and teaching staff of the Bothell Community Preschool especially with a view to issues surrounding the use of shared space.
  • Keep the congregation informed about ministries to children and youth via website, emails, bulletin announcements, etc. 
  • In conjunction with the pastor and the Life Together commission, develop an annual budget for the ministry.

Preferred Skills/Qualifications:

  • A follower of Jesus Christ who loves children.
  • Values the primacy of relationship in the way she/he carries out the work.
  • A degree, coursework, or significant training in the areas of spiritual formation/education, theology, Biblical studies.
  • Experience in the direction of a congregational Christian education ministry.

Hours, Compensation, Supervision & Application:

  • 12 hours/week with annual compensation of $20,000.  Two weeks paid vacation/year. Presence on Sunday mornings and Monday staff meetings.  Holidays: New Year’s Day, most Monday national holidays, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas (unless it falls on a Sunday). Supervised by the Pastor.
  • To apply send resume and cover letter to David Rohrer, daver@epcbothell.org