Our Mission

In January of 1963 a group of people in search of Christian community and a place to worship came together under the leadership of the Rev. Floyd Cronkite to establish what would become Emmanuel Presbyterian Church.  In the fifty years since this beginning we have sought to embody God’s call to be a place of Hope, Refuge and Service.   As a people held together by the One who is our Hope, Jesus Christ, we seek to reflect that hope in our world.  Gratitude for his love for the world empowers our service in the world, and the refuge he offers us inspires desire to show hospitality to others.

Our mission here in Bothell is one of faithful presence.  We seek to be Christ disciples in the ordinary, everyday realities of our lives.  Whether at home, at work, at play or at worship, God’s call on our lives is attentiveness to the signs of God’s presence and readiness to participate in the work that God is doing in our world.  Our call is to obey Jesus’ Great Commandment to love God with our whole being and to love our neighbors as ourselves.