To embark on the Way of Jesus, is to be committed to a journey of faith that is all about growing in love of God and love of neighbor, and this is not an easy road. Even Jesus calls it a “narrow way.” To walk along this way is to be invited to pay attention. We commit ourselves to obey Jesus’ invitation to stay awake and watch. We seek to grow in our awareness of both the One who is leading us, as well as the distractions that might derail the journey and inhibit our growth in love. In the fourth century AD a desert monk by the name of Evagrius of Pontus wrote about some of these distractions. He identified what he called “eight deadly thoughts” that we all wrestle with along the way of faith. In this series of sermons we’ll explore these thoughts and how recognizing them can be the Holy Spirit’s tool to refocus our attention on Jesus and enable us to persevere on the way of faith.

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01/01/2017 | Resolutions and Relationships

01/08/2017 | Gluttony vs Satiety

01/15/2017 | Lust vs Relationship

01/22/2017 | Avarice vs Generosity

01/29/2017 | Sadness vs Joy (Heidi Greider, preaching)

02/05/2017 | Anger vs Forgiveness

02/12/2017 | Sloth vs Hope (Heidi Greider, preaching)

02/19/2017 | Vainglory vs Trust

02/26/2017 | Pride vs Confidence