Emmanuel Presbyterian Farm Ground Breaking March 17th

On March 17th at 9:00am we will break ground on the farm as we cut sod and level plots for the raised beds.  Check out updates about the farm at  the Farm’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/Emmanuel-Presbyterian-Farm-186883081907070, and read  Lori Mercer's entire article about the farm, please visit the garden page here.

Welcome Our Youth and Children's Intern - Maya Schlosser-Hall!

What happens when a gifted and enthusiastic senior in high school starts volunteering and making a
difference in the lives of our children? And when she's headed off to college in the fall to become a
teacher? She is a natural choice to become our first intern! If you haven't met Maya yet, you'll have
opportunities to do so in the near future. We'll be introducing her to the congregation in worship on
February 25th and she'll be involved in all things involving our children and youth. Already, she partners
with her sister, Hannah, to teach the preschool class once a month and she's begun caring for the little
ones in the nursery. We'll be offering youth gatherings starting with movie night at the church on March
2nd. Maya is creative, energetic, outgoing and we've already begun planning and dreaming for this
summer's VBS which is scheduled for August 7th-10th. I'm delighted to have Maya to encourage and
partner with in the adventure of ministering to children and youth. She is a joy to work with - you
should get to know her and see what I mean. With gratitude for this opportunity, Heidi Greider