You can’t open the morning paper, turn on the TV or log in to your news feed these days without being greeted by some story dealing with the subject of race.  As Americans we have been wrestling with this issue since the earliest days of our existence as a set of European settlements and colonies.  Viewing race through the lens of the Gospel means opening ourselves to a vision that is both disturbing and liberating: Disturbing in that it challenges our long held assumptions and liberating because we begin to see that the dividing walls we have built have no place in the architecture of God’s Kingdom. It is the Cross that wakes us up to our blindness and Jesus who restores our sight. Through this seven week sermon series we come together in the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the prayer “Lord, help us to see.”  

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October 13, 2019   |  Can You See Anything?
 Mark 8:22-26
Susanna Hoke, preaching

October 20, 2019  | He Saw the Heaven Opened
Acts 10-11
Dave Rohrer, preaching

October 27, 2019  | What Does this Mean?
Acts 2:1-13
Dave Rohrer, preaching

November 3, 2019  | Imago Dei
A panel discussion with Carrington Wilson, Susanna Hoke and Dave Rohrer
Celebration of Communion

November 10, 2019  | Neglected Widows
Acts 6
Dave Rohrer, preaching

November 17, 2019  | Who is the Enemy?
Ephesians 6:10-20
Susanna Hoke, preaching

November 24, 2019  | The Great Multitude
Revelation 7:9-17
Dave Rohrer, preaching