Emmanuel Farm Ground Breaking

On March 17th at 9am we will break ground on the farm as we cut sod and level plots for the raised beds. We welcome you to join us! Also, check out updates about the farm on our Facebook Page by clicking here.

Emmanuel Presbyterian Farm is Almost Here!


“And the LORD God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.” -Genesis 2:15

Last fall you heard inklings of a garden that would soon erupt in the front lawn of the church.   This project has undergone a myriad of different iterations as obstacles and possibilities ebbed and flowed.  The garden committee is so appreciative of all your ideas and concerns as the process has unfolded.  We are now on the precipice of beginning the grand adventure, eagerly awaiting the sun’s warmth and light to give new life to our vision.

Very soon you will see stakes and string outlining the space the garden will occupy smack dab in the front lawn of the church.  The reasons for this placement are integral to the mission: 1) the plants need lots of sunlight! and 2) this placement invites all who pass by to “come and see” what is happening in their neighborhood.  As Dave notes in his most recent Pastor’s blog, “The church is not the point.  The church points to the Point”.  It is our fervent hope that the garden and its bounty will point to God in our midst, how he’s working through our congregation, immediate neighborhood and the Bothell community.

In terms of logistics, we hope to break ground in mid to late March.  There will likely be at least two opportunities for the church family to come together to build and fill raised beds, and install a critter-proof fence, so grab your wellies and a shovel!  Details will follow soon.  The fruits of all labors will go toward two causes:

1. The families of Mary’s Place Northshore (www.marysplaceseattle.org).  “Empowering Homeless Women, Children and Families to Reclaim Their Lives”.  Their volunteer coordinator offered a surprising statistic- 97% of these families will be homeless only ONCE in their lifetimes. What an honor to come alongside them as they work toward healing and stability.  He is eager to welcome our congregation to come alongside these souls to prepare meals together or teach a cooking class.

2. Maltby Food Bank (www.maltbyfoodbank.org/wordpress).  Their tagline is “Hands Reaching Out to People in Need…”.  EPC’s own Lois Robinson is deeply involved with the organization.  She has wonderful stories about the families who access their services- ask her sometime!

3. Finally, we hope to provide floral bouquets for a small donation after church as supply allows. 

As the ministry evolves, many unforetold possibilities and associations will emerge.  There will be hiccups.  There will be pivots. That’s the fun of it- letting it organically “become” over time.  My graduate advisor (this is my graduate project for my Master’s degree in Agriculture via WSU) is adamant that the more “real life” this is, the better.  We learn from the hiccups and pivots so much more than the easily gained successes. 

You may be as involved (or not) as you wish.  We anticipate gathering a few times a week for anyone interested to get in the garden but there are so many other ways you can participate.  Ever dream of becoming a master of mason bees (they don’t sting!)?  Want to become the king of compost?  Feel a calling to coordinate a dinner at Mary’s Place?  PLEASE share your ideas and dreams with any of our dedicated committee members: Bram Melse, Ian McFeron, Kristel Dillon, Loren Steinhauer, Carol Steinhauer

-Lori Mercer, lorimercer64@gmail.com

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