A great deal of what the faith journey is about is the risk of trusting seemingly insignificant acts of kindness and love to produce big results. Making these small contributions is like planting seeds. It sows life into places that seem dormant or dead. It plants hope in places where there has been nothing but despair. It’s what makes the wilderness bloom and create an explosion of life and color. This fall we will be exploring some of what the Bible says about seeds.

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09/11/2016 | Grace

09/18/2016 | Gratitude

09/25/2016 | Generosity

10/02/2016 | Hope

10/09/2016 | Struggle

10/16/2016 | Mystery (Heidi Greider, speaker)

10/23/2016 | Attentiveness

10/30/2016 | Partnership

11/06/2016 | Confidence

11/13/2016 | Perseverance

11/20/2016 | Risk