In Advent we anticipate the dawn of God’s Light.  We also anticipate the arrival of the One whose yoke is easy and whose burden is light.  The dual meanings of the word light come together in Advent.  The light that dawns in Christ is the light of liberty that lightens our burdens and frees us to new life.  As we reflect this new life and live with a lightness of being we share a message of comfort and hope with our world.  Isaiah 40 is a chapter of the Bible that gives witness to this dynamic.  Through the message of this prophet, God’s light hit the faces of a despairing group of exiles in 6th century BC Babylon and empowered them to reflect that light to their world.  The prophet brought a message that is just as relevant in our day.  We never stop needing those tidings of God’s mercy and comfort, and when we hear them we are equipped to reflect this light and share it with our world.  

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12/03/2017 | The Light that Imparts Mercy | Isaiah 40:1-5

12/10/2017 | The Light that Instills Confidence | Isaiah 40:6-11

12/17/2017 | The Light that Inspires Awareness | Isaiah 40:12-26

12/24/2017(am) | The Light that Infuses Strength | Isaiah 40:27-31

12/24/2017(pm) | Service of Lessons and Carols | 7:00pm (No audio avaiable)

12/31/2017 | The Promise of an Open Future | Isaiah 60