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Advent is a season of anticipation.  It’s about an active kind of waiting.  In advent we do not wait for an unknown, but we wait expectantly for something about which we are certain.  In that way it is like waiting for the dawn.  The stories that frame our Advent sermon series are about folks who are waiting actively.  They show us how to make ourselves ready for God’s revelation of himself in our world.  As we sit with Zechariah, Mary, the Shepherds, the Magi, and Simeon  this Advent season, they can become our  teachers.  From them we can learn how to watch and listen for the persistent invitations to life that God is sending our way.

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11/27/2016 | Readiness: The Prophets Show Us the Way

12/04/2016 | Willingness: Mary and Joseph Show Us the Way

12/11/2016 | Reverence: The Shepherds Show Us the Way

12/18/2016 | Persistence: The Magi Show Us the Way

12/24/2016 | Gratefulness: Simeon and Anna Show Us the Way

12/25/2016 | A Lamp to Our Feet and a Light to Our Path: The One Who is the Way