2017 Annual Report from Heidi Greider, Director of Christian Education

This is now my 5th annual meeting and once again it has been an eventful year in our life together.  We said goodbye to several families and friends who’ve been with us for a few years which is always difficult, even though they all left to be in places they feel called to go.  We had the opportunity to send them off with love and prayer, knowing that they will continue to be surrounded by the love of God and the gentle guidance of the Holy Spirit. Included in those who left were several volunteers who helped with our nursery and preschool so that gave others the chance to serve.

This year and going forward we have welcomed new families and volunteers to our community.  I would like to highlight a few in particular.  Hannah and Maya Schlosser-Hall joined us in VBS this summer and have continued to help with the preschool class once a month.  This has led to an internship for Maya from February until she leaves for college in August.  Maya plans on being a teacher and I am excited to work with and encourage her in developing her gifts.  One of our priorities will be to have regular youth gatherings 1-2x a month.  My daughter, Hannah Greider, and Alex Musar have stepped in to help with the nursery and elementary children which has been a joy for me.  They will also be heading off to school next fall and I will continue to enjoy having their talents and joy for children around as long as possible.

It seems that God brings people who love children into our midst at just the right time.  If that is you and you would like to be involved in some way this summer or next fall, please let me know.  The nursery is an especially crucial ministry because it involves the youngest and most vulnerable members of our community and a couple more “once a month” volunteers are needed now to shower these infants and toddlers with love as their parents worship.  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the loving care that Mary Ann Rohrer has given for the past 5 ½ years and as she is needing to step back from her role as primary caregiver I want to say a huge thank you for all the mornings she made our littlest ones feel welcome and loved!

Finally, I want to say thank you for supporting me in the path to ordination that culminated on October 8th.  I am extremely grateful that God called me to this congregation 4 years ago and that you continue to support my calling and encourage me in my role as pastor.  I can’t think of a better place to be ordained than in the midst of this amazingly spirit-filled community.  I look forward to how God will lead us in the coming year. 

With much joy and gratitude, 

Reverend Heidi Greider (I couldn’t resist!)