The life of discipleship in Christ is not a one day a week affair.  We gather to worship and re-root ourselves in God’s love on Sundays, but our life as disciples is really more about the other six days.  It is in the everydayness of living out our relationships with one another that we behold and participate in the work of God in the world.  Our most important resource for living out this life of discipleship is simple attentiveness to the presence of God in the daily routines of home, work, neighborhood and community.   The Psalms give us some clue about how to wake up to God’s presence in these places.  In this seven week series we’ll explore some of the Psalms that help us to notice God’s hand in the ordinary routines of our week.

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September 2, 2018  |  Work
Psalm 90

September 9, 2018  |  Play
Psalm 104

September 16, 2018  |  Household
Psalms 127 & 128

September 23, 2018  |  Family
Psalm 45

September 30, 2018  |  Neighbors
Psalms 15 & 37

October 7, 2018  |  Citizenship
Psalms 72 & 2

October 14, 2018  |   Rest
Psalm 23